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Going from Level 1 to 2 ....


... I think I was lacking a single Ignoble to get to 1 or might have had 1 ... but the journey was to level 2 ... one extra skill and a make roll (though I don't think I used it).

About the same as a level 0 dude. It helps to have a 6th level and 8th level around to soak off some baddies.

I spent a lot of time laying in the hold of a ship set aflame by battle. Lord Tony was using my unconscious face to scrape mud from his shoes.

Though, we did see some right proper butchery yesterday. (A Lordly man became a terrifying outcast and more than one of us took a vicious.)

Olaf Porse remained in a single piece. There is murder most foul waiting at the end of a long road for him.


   Iron Conrad

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