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Did the writers of this season ever watch the rest of the show?


From the first scene of the first episode ever we're shown the threat of the white walkers. We knew it was real as the characters had their petty squabbles over the throne. We knew the real threat as a few characters started to learn the truth, and no one in the south would believe them. We knew the inevitable truth, that the bickering factions were going to have to wake up, see the real threat, set aside their differences and fight together to avoid annihilation. It was their only chance.

And then they wiped out the night king and his undead army in one episode where less characters died than the red wedding. Oh. I guess he wasn't the real threat. I guess the last 7 seasons of build up was...what? An accident? A red herring? A big joke on the viewers?

I agree with everything Red said above.


   Greg "Khaleesi" Squires

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