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Q&D Half Ignoble Substitutes


Not that it's impossible, but part of what make's Cutlass superior is less accounting.

Us players tend to remember good things for us rather than bad.

As it stands now, there's a purse, a vicious wound, fencer bonus, pistoleer bonus, equestrian bonus (seldom used), make rolls, and ignobles. One could also include the "Tony the Fop" bonus. On occasion, there's a loss of a boot, belt, hat, or scabbard.

Sometimes there's a quest pip or a specific Major Arcana in play.

Not a ton of things to track.

I like the idea of a short list (for some reason 8 comes to mind -- but 14 works) and let the character choose what boon he / she would like. When all else fails, draw a card.

We tend to remember if there is free will.

(Of course, most of these would all go away at the end of the current mission.)

(1) "Common Ally" - We don't seem to have enough allies in the game. A young drummer, the old cook, a grizzled sergeant, the shop keep, man on a cart, pilgrim, or priest. Not loyal enough to step in front of a fatal strike but an ally who might share a secret or scuttle butt to advance a later plot or deception. Feel free to get exotic. Perhaps a stray dog remains in tow and alerts against assassins in the dark. A hawk screeches at the right time to alert to sharp shooters. A fresh water fish appears at just the right time.

(2) "Success is no Accident" - An improvement in the homestead wouldn't hurt. How does that come to be? Does the universe reward a "gentle person" ... the game suggests it should. Prove your mettle and the universe will reward you.

(3) "Bravado" - Similar to Fencer or Pistoleer, ignore a Defensive Modifier. For lack of a better word, Bravado. Swipe aside the Defensive Mod. The opponent's skills do not cause fear. You are prepared to meet them as equals.

(4) "Recover" - As mentioned above, Recover a boot, buckle, scabbard, hat, or purse. If there was a penalty, it is removed. If nothing is missing, perhaps consider this an upgrade to your wardrobe.

(5) "A little Practice" - Gain an Swaggering Technique. Up to say ten Swaggering Techniques, allowing a character to take one, would prep them for future culling.

(6) "Bane B Gone" - Bane Shield, allow the next bane to be ignored. Treat instead as a non-bane. (No, this can't be built up and used for multiple banes.) Note, this would not be the same as "Strike First" since you aren't really taking the action.

(7) "Strike First" - in the next situation where you are required to take a strike first (bane) then allowed to strike. Instead, you strike first and if the opponent is dispatched, no bane is received.

(8) "Willful Escape" - In a future fight, if knocked Unconscious or dispatched with a Vicious, your will to survive allows you to crawl to the safety of a roadside trench, a remote area in the ship, a fleeing jolly boat, or safe place in a battle. Character is still knocked unconscious and / dispatched but is not captured by the Opponent. The Rival may think you sunk to the bottom of the drink or fled. A future capture is not impossible but unlikely.

(9) "Hero's Rescue" - In a situation where characters need to make a roll to escape (or be left to rescue), treat your roll as a free rescue in which you pass the test and sweep someone along with your action.

(10) "Secret Revealed" - Treat as a character has discovered a long lost secret. This may create new questions or answer some. Who is your father? Who killed your brother? The existence of a great treasure is proven or perhaps the location. This is generally due to research or investigation by the Character. Perhaps it is not real? Perhaps, it creates challenges and opportunities in future events.

(Knight) "Polite Society" - Treat as a change in social status. This may be a small promotion aboard ship or the grand legion or even in society. This may not be an increase in social standing but a small increase. Or possibly, the demotion of a rival, a neutral competitor, or simply advancing an ally (friend of a friend thing).

(Knave) "Worthy Foe" - Treat the next Knave as a Knight for the Character. This could be for any draw (up to the end of the scenario). Just assume that the foe is two dimensional and might be less aggressive to a worthy foe. (Note, this might make no sense, a card for a brash strike going from Knave to Knight ... don't over think it. Just change the suit and off you go.)

(Queen) "Family Business" - Treat this as the characters family evolves. While this would generally be handled by Administer of Affairs, news reaches the character regarding family matters. This can be birth of a child, action by a sibling, or a parent receives title or land. Generally, these are good events, perhaps the message is overly optimistic but let the character take a moment to role play an action.

(King) "One of a Kind" - Something that the Character controls such as sword, horse, company, hat, or ship acquires a special renown. There is no special bonus for this feature but others recognize it. Sure it is just a bit of metal or a group of soldiers but others perceive it as special. To simplify, this should have been something used in the current action. Because this item is now considered of great value, future events might be colored by it's presence. (The Iron Legion advances. The Colonel atop is Cloudy White Mount lead the men. The sword was as sharp as a lightning strike.)


   Iron Conrad

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