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I actually thought about Horror games. The main thing they did not have was suspense. They moved at a snail's pace, or all decisions were bad. Chaoisum was both. You can't truly be afraid all the time. If you are then that's not suspense. It's a chase. Might s roll high die and see who lags the rest.

One simple mechanic in free-style horror changed everything.

You ready...I can wait.

Make certain monster injure certain players more than others.


If you are in the adventure, and you do not know whether you'll take five percent damage or seventy-three percent damage, you tend to hesitate in the good way. Yet when you discover you are the guy who can kill the thing, then hero time. While your buddy is running in circles like Larry Fine.

How do you know you are the hero or the deadman walking?

That was in the Fools game mechanics based on your personalty flaws and which monsters preyed on which human frailties.

I'm surprised no one has figured this out independently.

The problem most designers have is two-fold. Lack of playtest and general lack of playing a variety of games. I played the hell out of games before writing my first. I also played the hell out of games after writing my first.

Bottom line: I know some people want to run horror (me too at times). So write your own mechanics or do some comparative shopping of systems. Chaosium Mark Seven is all chrome and no engine. But sure, go ahead, sit on that bumper and imagine you're on a road trip. I did that too when I was three. Morons.



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