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Web is Pacific Garbage Pile


Content should be easy to find. When you can't find something, you have to wonder if it actually exists. Views should matter. Recommends should matter. They don't seem to.

I tried to type "tabletop rpgs demo" in Google then YouTube. Was trying to see what other groups were doing for best practices. Best I got was five guys playing Dungeon Crawl. Tedious. And some dog and pony shows of the features of certain games without anyone showing it actually being played.

Advertising is 99% of the cost of anything now. Customer acquisition is the phrase over and over on Sharktank. The web is a complete failure for content.

I can find things I already own and know by name. Saves me the trouble of walking across the room and opening the DVD box set of George Carlin. But finding a series like say, Last Trek with fake Kirk, something good, is near impossible. Then even it dies.

Word of mouth tends to work, but sometimes you got people recommending self financed fiascos. I cringe when people fulfill life-long dreams at twenty-five. Blair Witch sucked too. Wasn't ten grand to make and market. Gave idiots false hope. Started a trend of handheld camera nausea horror. Thanks internet.

I did like the Rust videos, but tabletop games seem the realm of the dead and decaying.



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