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Uh, I did write my own Mechanics ... see Post ... Really ....


Having a reason why you are getting beat down versus the other poindexter is great .... assuming you could anticipate what factor yielded what result.

If not, it's just random ... see my D6 table of everything. The players don't have enough data to decide if you just got the nibble of the 72% or the brunt of the 5% damage. So, am I the Tuna or not? I'll just assume I am.

Scribble a dot on a piece of paper and assign it to one. That's the dude that gets monster love. Same thing but much simpler.

In that other game, Roll Initiative, Roll to Hit, Roll Damage ... Do more if you get a 20 is interesting for a (very) short while.

Then, it's just a necessary evil thing. Rolling the dice is a fun thing. Too much is too much though.

So, the designers throw in rules. Roll two odd numbers and then a prime and you get a special cookie which you can trade in for 2 double winkys.

Roll a Fibonacci number and you get to roll this extra die which distorts the statistics. Yay!!!!!!

Really, just roll a die 6 and look at the number. Pitch a few more if you need to make it seem more sophisticated. Shake your head and say ... hmmm ... bad.

Outlands has an interesting swirl in the tables. One could spend an hour cycling through the same table. (Not all but some.) After a bit of analysis, it is possible to find a way out. Interesting. Most players wouldn't bother ... they get a sense and wing it. (Those days of players looking at distributions and Boolean reduction are over.) Uh, yea, sometimes you can't. It's just swirl.

The mechanics create an interesting obstacle. Interesting test.

Same with cards over dice ... didn't we see all the 10's go by?

But, just making it complex isn't really that. It's just making it complex.

(The audience has spoken ... they aren't picking the products based on any of these criteria. The bulk are picking them because they make them look morz coolz. Just what it is. Step 2, convince yourself that you didn't buy it based on the picture on the cover. Step 3, that's why Marketing people get paid.)

I would like to play the horror game because I want to partake in the story. I don't want to pretend to be a paper doll pretending to be scared. I don't know what others are thinking but pretending to be a professor pretending to be scared of something because of some special pretend professor knowledge is too complex for me. I'm just a common dude.

The reaction one might have in real life is perhaps different than in a game. Look we're going to role play waiting in the DMV line. Yikes!!!!

But, even, if the final mystery is far fetched, one suspends disbelief and determines if it makes sense. If it's just you gain log 10 (666) psycho points, I could just be playing Risk. But, if the creature is just the cosmic janitor sweeping away the fleas on the blue planet, neither evil nor good ... yet equally deadly, I can see the madness.

The "Keeper" interpreting all the results is interesting. But, why make the mechanics so damn obtuse.


   Iron Conrad

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