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Hehe ... You used Google to find something ... and ....


... you were shocked it was not unbiased?

If you didn't find: https://geekandsundry.com/shows/critical-role/

There it is.

I don't think you'll find what you seek but that's what the bulk or rpg'ers think the game is. This is the most interesting thing to the eye so ... so that's what people watch. And, the illusion becomes the reality.

They are emulating that ... because ... the people that they see have well groomed face beards and ear jewelry. So, be like Mike.

The two gamer guys talking to the camera was another version of that. I never got that. But, graphics are complicated and take lots of work ... so ... here's the latest T shirt with a funny saying. I found them sincere. And, I now know the five most broke spells in D&D.

The game that was different played by different (even odd) people has drawn the attention of the marketeers. So much so, it's not nerdy anymore. Wrap your head around that.

They didn't take the muggles Taints and make them nerds Immunes. They took the nerd Immune props and gave them to the muggles Taints to feel nerd Immune like. (Or was it the other way around. I don't know.)

Which one gives you a brighter collar? (What's a collar?)


   Iron Conrad

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