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Half Ignoble Deeds (optional)


There are times when someone does something certainly worthy or particularly memorable, but the act does not offer a check of Ignoble. This happens for usually one or two reasons. First, the player character may be too high a level and the act was more responsive than planned, unworthy of his opulence. Second, the act occurred, and the player had already checked the appropriate Ignoble.

As said, Ignobles overlap and remain vague so that second event might be rare. Yet a good player may be awarded a perk, a gift, a blessing of sorts, by the Ref if nothing but to reward his entertainment value. Yes, we can honor people who are fun to game with, without guilt or prejudice.

Feel free in these circumstances to let the player select one boon from the table below. The card designators are there in case he tarries and canít quickly make up his mind. Paralyzed by choice Ė common among those beaten repeatedly and wondering if this is all a trick.

Matchless (King): Something that the character does or controls acquires a special renown. This is a role-play boon without specific tangible combat benefit. Yet the dividend may help prevent a fight. The player could have a pet cat thatís an internet sensation. His singing voice goes viral. Works of art from his blue period undergo a renaissance. Since the character is immortal, reach back in his past and add je ne sais quoi charm or talent that makes him notable and fawned over. Does it go as far as an enemy wonít kill the player character, just hold him a thousand years as a prize? Much will evolve from this rebirth in acclaim. The rest must be haggled between Ref and player. His team as well can benefit by being the associates of the new sensation, the doormen checking backstage passes (so to speak). They also might be envious and see this as a distraction to honest knife-work.

Family Business (Queen): Give the character a family to evolve. While this would generally be handled in downtime between adventures, news reaches the player character regarding family matters. This can be adoption of an Immune child, the actions of a group-home sibling you were raised with, or your foster parent receiving overdue recognition with titles or systems to govern. Generally, these are good events. Perhaps the message is overly optimistic, but let the character take a moment to enjoy his extended community. He might even get married, though most unions in Era Ten are platonic political arrangements. Seldom involve a wife, since the married soldier in closeup usually is the first to die in the next scene. Death will check an Ignoble often.

Polite Society (Knight): Gain a change in social status. This may be a small promotion ceremony aboard the ship in front of your companions or the salutation of a grand legion or senatorial acclaim. A post office has been named after you or a statue erected on some godforsaken asteroid. This may not be an increase in social standing with a small increase in respectability. It can also be schadenfreude, when a former enemy is demoted or maligned in the news. The current mission or rival should never be involved.

Fallen Foe (Knave): Take a flyer and wish for a change today. This boon will cancel the next Knave generated by encounters and instead treat it as a Knight. That still may result in combat or tragedy, but it isnít guaranteed like that Knave would be. The cosmos has judged you worthy of some sympathy. Even if awarded in the climax challenges, the influence can extend into the Epilog.

Biggest Fan (Maiden): The player character attracts a powerful admirer. Similar to the King result, but only one fan is enamored. In some ways this is even better, but it will also be short-lived. The player may call out to his silent benefactor and ask for help. The rest is epic poetry: the Iron Legion advances; itís colonel gazing from atop is cloudy white mount; the strike of lightning falls from on high (all metaphors of course). Yet imagine the teenage daughter of Mister Mann crying to daddy to help her far away prince. Here come the hell-bombs burning, cracking the rivalís planet in twain. The player character will be blamed by the local populace for any overkill that occurs.

Meaning (Martyr): Gain a hunger for something, a meaning to life or a discovery only hinted along your life path. Who was your father? Who killed your brother? Since they are probably Taints, itís too sad to know. Extend the mystery and desire for closure to historic events. What happened at the battle or Dipemn, the Cimmer surrender, in Glypusí lair? Era Eight has a wealth of odd unexplained confluences. The player character may have travelled far down the conspiratorial rabbit hole, but now he is a believer. Whatís nice about these manias is they distract from the routine. The player might only gain Insanity (points) every other click. But, that takes memory and might get fudged-cheated or exploited. Best to just now have your grand goal, a greater purpose, the truth must be revealed. The actual object need not be stated emphatically here and now. Let the objective simmer to a boil as seemingly unconnected events take on a pattern. A great treasure awaits discovery, if not all that glitters is gold. Ply your research, investigate, feel at times your quest is unreal. People will mock, especially those who are hiding the facts. New personal challenges and opportunities will occur in future events.

Secret Revealed (Ten): Gain the answer to a long sought after question. What you donít have any? What the hell have you been role-playing this whole time? If the player has no real longing or hunger for meaning, let him realize he likes a different flavor of ice cream, one he hated as a kid. If the player has been actually mentally present these many game sessions, then give him some closure. This revelation could lead to a new quest, after a lost secret is revealed. The onion has layers, my friend. Growth, how did you check Growth? You might lastly undo some odd event that yielded earlier Growth. Do you like being a coward or sadist or romantic fool?

Unrequested Aid (Nine): In a situation where the player character needs to escape or rescued during Digressions, skip the roll. He pulls out that Red Monopoly card and plays his gambit or someone does. This will not cancel a wound and only lasts for the remainder of this adventure. But he feels quite exuberant about the fact heíll survive no matter. His squad is another matter.

Will to Live (Eight): Take an advantage for this adventure useful in the travel encounters or climax challenges, but not the Epilog. If knocked unconscious or dispatched, yet not dead, your character may instead crawl-off stunned to safety. He finds a cubby in which to stow or ally recess of sanctuary. Maybe he gets aid from a neutral chaplain. The character is still out of the battle, but he need not drop into Digressions this adventure episode. The rival or that bad dudeís minions may think the man is dead or disintegrated. There will be no search, and you can quietly return to the party at any time (assuming there is a party). The Will to Live may be used more than once this one adventure, but you still might die from repeated wounds.

Strike First (Seven): In a situation where you are required to take an initial Bane, you may skip that penalty. This only changes a first Bane, usually suffered by all players before they get down to the real fight. This may not even occur here or this mission, but when it does you may say aha! Please, do so and gloat. Otherwise, the benefit is lost right after it is used. Unlike many other Half Ignoble boons, this one lasts until used. Someday you will aha, so long as you donít forget. If you take a first act Bane and later realize you had this from gaming sessions ago, you may not reverse time. You snooze, you loose. I actually dislike players who cannot multitask or refuse to focus on the experience. I find it impolite to the other players and Ref. So, take some notes and refresh yourself to whatís occurring before and during the session. End of lecture.

Bane B-Gone (Six): This allows the player to treat his next Bane as a regular card flip. Itís rather puny a reward; six card flips are seldom good, even here. Heíll probably get a Bane soon enough. It canít be held or else every card flip will become a debate on whether to use it. Do you want to skip your next Bane? This result may be the one the Ref gives to the player constantly asking for half Ignobles and actually being worthy. Yet, itís not always about you; help your friend check Ignobles too.

Practice (Five): Gain a Swaggering Technique. This should be Tin-Head for Terran and Cruz, Funky for Cimmer and Skia. You may even lock one you have as Glorious. Of all the game mechanics, I have trouble understanding, it is how much my players hate losing swaggering. These six sets come and go, a fact of game life. Yet losing swaggering always gets me the stink-eye. Donít even start to suggest a player character lost a true skill or fuhgeddaboudit Trait.

Recover (Four): Let the player get a lost swaggering back. In the paper world itís easy to see the erase mark. Digital characters less so. Still most players recall every swagger they had and lost; players are obsessive. This is an instant gratification Ignoble. Yours for the taking. Me, Iíd rather have a grand quest or will to live. But sure, find you still have that long lost savvy, the move dear old dad taught you.

Bravado (Three): Hereís a carde blanche. Let the player change a battle slightly in his favor. He might cancel a Defensive Modifier of the enemy. Remove Shaken and Pinned from the party. Cancel an Obstacle that might otherwise need to be Quelled, Breached or Exploited. Award the Tactics Pip sometime. He wonít gain a Quest Pip, because this just works in one battle. The boon may be held indefinitely. He might even allow himself or a friend to reroll an event that resulted in a wound. Okay, his friend probably not. This is another thing the player will never use except on himself with a wound. Heíll be too worried to spend it and then not have it. Let me know if I was wrong.

Hard Work (Two): Prove your mettle in the universe. The player now has outside revenue or shares in a profitable system. Heís rich and offered invitation to a cartel. That could be awarded as a Command Proxy swaggering. He should take a half D8 improvements to the ship as swaggering. Often players want to belong and have a farmstead or bar they call their own. Here the warehouse is full, the deal brokered, the automated assembly online, the rave packed each evening, the venture capital acquired, etc. The player character has a successful and growing concern. Heís a bonified businessman, not some wretched opportunist and robber baron, not a scam artist or shallow celebrityÖwait, heís also all of those? Never mind, at least he has some min-js, lots of them. His treat. Being rich is often the cure to may problems; just saying thatís true. Being rich means the enemy has something far away to hell-bomb.

Common Ally (Ace): Gain an unusual friend, a Gunga Din. The player shares his reward, and the squad ship now has a useful NPC aboard. There is a crew member who actually is a jack oí trades, who can fill-in where needed. Name him, please. You may even have someone wounded swap out and play Jack. Jack could then advance in levels. Jack will stay loyal; heís not a KNIGHT. Jack can be everyoneís backup character. Unfortunately, Jack is fated to die. If battle ever takes place on the ship, and anyone takes a wound, then Jack suffers the outcome. Does Jack get two wounds, three for being Cruz? Sure, then the player character whoís idle takes that free thrown wound. Battle aboard is battle aboard. That includes ship to ship where a wound may also occur. Jack is there to finally be a hero. Weep for Jack, weep sincerely. In Cutlass, we call this man affectionately Tony. But Iím admittedly uncomfortable with that. Thereís even a random name generator with variants on name Tony. I weep for each lost Tony or will for Jack in Era Ten.



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