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The Important Word in Tony the Fop was ... Fop ....


Not sure if this was a typo?

.. Jack could then advance in levels. Jack will stay loyal; he’s not a KNIGHT. Jack can be everyone’s backup character. Unfortunately, Jack is fated to die. ...

What is a KNIGHT?

Regarding Tony, no one seeks his end, at the time it was more a lowly servant than a pin cushion. Fetch my boots for me Tony. Fetch my beverage Tony. Darn those socks for me servant. Retrieve those pebbles lost in the thorny bush. Yet, as the good and noble servant, he would comply. Walking into a hail of lead to save his unscrupulous master ... he shames us with his courage.


   Iron Conrad

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KNIGHT Mission Consequence Encounter -- red (posted: 5/12/2019) 
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