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Do not confuse Adrenelin with Forgetfulness


.... players who cannot multitask or refuse to focus on the experience. I find it impolite to the other players and Ref. So, take some notes and refresh yourself to what’s occurring before and during the session. ....

Most times this is from too many sensations overwhelming the player to fear choosing not the best ... excitement in getting to the result.

Did he say check 10 ignobles for free? Surely I did not hear that. Did he say I can stick my enemy in the gut and watch his last breath escape his lips. Did I just find Xanadu?

The reverse is taking too long to decide ... a rude act as well.

As in all minor things, best to take a moment to think and take the best option possible and then live with the results.

A rash action or impatient deed is part of life as well.


Players losing focus with distraction is a different matter. I have the benefit of using the privy with my headset in place but I have the good sense to put it on mute (lest my screams would distract others).


   Iron Conrad

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