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It's storytelling, but not gaming


What I was trying to see is how edited play should be or has been. I could have Mike read his synopsis if we needed to ape what that site listed is doing. Not gonna happen.

Maybe there isn't anyone with a camera facing their game table and just running the story in terms of a game. Has nothing been learned in thirty years?

I would watch convention D&D played in 1991 and wonder if the session was ever going to have an arc or purpose or a significant die roll. Take seven hps (out of your hundred).

Better Games a few times gave D&D a focus and ran some nice events. Never saw the same at GenCon, but enjoyed the wordsmith of Bob's the Word puzzle adventures. I'd watch one of those being played; be the same as I experienced sitting in a group of twenty.

Even our Monster Bash had intermediate goals and characters fall. Cross the swamp, reach the tower, enter and secure. How do you get past the skull over the temple gate, simple stuff. Ref asks, player answers. I'm not even seeing that shown.

What troubles me is that most of the examples of play are not goal driven. Lots of acting in-character. Dialog is not mechanics, even when punctuated by a roll dice to see if the mood changes.

Sure, in the recap you will have someone explain how the plot was generated. I was looking to see this in the actual display of mechanics. A game may have a small focus to cross the megamap or large epic of reaching a mystic place. But, connecting the two in the video I've seen, crossing a map tile and obtaining the grand prize, seems disconnected and absent. Now your ready for thrilling hours of adventure -- really?

I will continue exploring, as my brain tires and I dare not edit anymore, to hunt on YouTube for what I'm after. Will take plenty of crossing the megamaps to get there I am sure. Until then the best practices seem to be letting your friend with lots of time edit and tidy up vids, make your dull as ditch-water game seem more thrilling.

I cast Dimension Door to get away. Fourth level spells, pretty powerful heroes? That was their only option but to run? Care to explain why, instead of showing the Monty Python acting. If the mechanics forced that action, I'd like to see how the rules involved were interpreted.



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