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Yet still seems the same bad D&D from 1975, 1985, 95, 2005 (point made). Takes twenty minutes of set-up and random clunking, missed stealth rolls and then generic combat with lots of gesticulating; use everything you got in the first room. Then win or not. An hour has passed. She could have easily made this up as she went; none of the actual 320 page bound book set of rules is on display. Was Gygax gaming always this trite?

I do get to see a B-list star use a dice tower. Product placement fer-ser. Yet again, I was less entertained and more felt sorry for them. This was the only gig they can get. Fire your agent. You can see in the eyes of the players they only started gaming a week ago and are still on script. I rad the six things I can do and smile. Overhead cams of boxes with middling dice results is not what I mean by show me the gameplay. Especially when most are just looking high "I succeed," low "I failed," with no nuance of the impact or concern what anyone truly is attempting. Risk seems very far away, not everpresent.

Anyone have links to amateurs running something worth watching -- besides Conrad pointing me to more unfunny improv. Sorry partner. Find me anotehr new Trek to redeem yourself. IS the web version of Firefly out there or Starscape?

Back on topic, is that it? Best gaming of the web? You gets lots of people telling you how to be a better GM, what makes a good agme, my opinion is bestest bestest. tell the lie often enough and you will believe. RPG is religion to many. I just want to see anyone have a fun experience using their own ruleset. Roll five dice under nine for poison?!? What sided, zero?

Conrad, I agree on Taints-Immunes, true geeks shun the light. RPG actors are posers, along with the people who want to see Will Wheaton role-play. I like him, but he better bring the goods (he won't). People in these vids want to believe they are different (like all their friends).

If WoW craps out, I may record some solo free-style games and truly show what a terrible force old poindexter can be when he senses the dark gathering and can't make a fricken' roll. I'm off script, baby.

This thread is officially dead to me.



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