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When is the Dog ALLOWED to bite the Master's Hand?


Answer: Never.

(Did I get such grief for that riddle back in the day. Come on Peeps, the Master would never ALLOW such a thing .... it might happen but ... oh never mind).

I searched pretty long and hard for the thing you seek and ... it doesn't exist.

The improv people and near Hollywood opportunists have cornered the market. The bugs scurry from the light ... because they are bugs!!!!

They can show you mechanically what they are doing (and some do it pretty well) but the content is not so good. They manufactured their own stars. (Truth be told, I'd rather watch Deborah Woll than any of you posers.)

The illusion is there and if you didn't know any better, you might think that you found it. But, most are weak gruel as they say.

Wesley Crusher did some interesting videos on YouTube ... he tried to be charming for the camera and partially succeeded. But, he did board games mostly (instead of RPGs). Board Games much easier ... you just move your mice along a track and pause to let the audience interpret the implications (or not).

I'm not sure you could capture it spontaneously ... Even with the finest actor you still have to tell them where to stand and give them a line.

I think you just might need to break the fourth wall here ... just saying.


   Iron Conrad

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