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Haven't seen seasons 7 or 8 of GoT yet, so I'll catch up eventually.

Read a (spoiler free) article last night on GoT and I think the article is correct.

To summarize - the article posits two basic types of writers: Plotters and Planters.

A plotter begins the event beats and pushes the characters around to hit them. The writer even used metaphor of pushing tokens on a game board - accurate, because RPG missions are plot-based (certainly how Red runs them). As generalized, this can lead to exciting action, but problematic characters.

A planter creates the story-world, flushes out characters, drops them into an interesting situation and sees what happens. As generalized, this provides rich, layered characters, but can lead to rambling plot development.

The article posits GRRM as a Planter. It fits what we see from him, like why he's been working on book 6 for near a decade... George is letting his characters grow, breathe and live, even those where he knows they won't be integral to the plot (see Caitlyn Stark/Lady Stoneheart in the books - GoT has totally ignored Zombie Caitlyn, therefore we know her subplot goes "nowhere," but she won't just vanish from the books). The accumulated weight of prior action drives where the characters go next.

GoT's showrunners are Plotters. Once they ran out of book, all they had was GRRM's outline of story beats. Once they set a finite number of episodes to wrap up the story they started pushing the characters around to get them in place.

Because there's an Internet, spoilers float my way whether or not I want them, so, here, I can discuss Danni torching King's Landing. This doesn't surprise me at all. She's Targaryan, so carries the madness of her family. It's been hinted at for books/seasons via prophecy and dreams. More importantly GRRM loves to make the audience love a character, then do something horrible with/to the character - anyone who thinks GoT was building to a noble/happy ending hasn't been paying attention! As far as I can speculate the problem isn't with the action of destroying Kings Landing, the problem is the Plotters crammed in the character change in half an episode, so it reads as rushed and forced. Planters would have laid that seed back in season 7 and nurtured that growth slowly, over 10-13 episodes so Danni's action would be a tragic culmination of something her friends were trying to avert instead of a quick "I'M CRAY-ZEEEE! AH, THE BELLS, THE BELLS! EsmereldaaaaAAAAAA!" moment.

So, what Red said about the showrunners being better at adapting than writing? But not quite, since the issue is more philosophy of approach than pure quality?


   Mike of two seasons behind

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