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My summary of all 8 seasons of GoT


Series finale over, and was just as big of a disappointment as I expected. Looking back, we can see the overarching story arc of the series:

Season 1: Winter is coming.
Season 2: Winter is coming.
Season 3: Winter is coming.
Season 4: Winter is coming.
Season 5: Winter is coming.
Season 6: Winter is coming.
Season 7: Winter is here!
Season 8, episodes 1-2: Winter is here!
Season 8, episode 3: Winter got stabbed.
Season 8, episode 4-5: Um...well I guess we have to wrap things up.
Season 8, episode 6: Tyrion: "Let's give the throne to Bran."
All the powers of Westeros: "Sounds good to me!"
All the surviving Dothraki: "Alright, we're going to have a drink with the guy that murdered our queen, then I guess we'll look for a boat back to Essos or something."

The end.



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