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Effects budget, how? Then spolier alert


D&D cartoon just crap. Selling my Renault stock for wasting money on this. Hasbro as the rights holder monetizing their property. They mock, trust me. Geek will never be in the room, at the cool kid's table. He feasts after the dogs.

Geek latest fad, novelity, neo. Every prick thinks he is geek. He believes he is ready for tomorrow. The unfathomable tech is here. Better learn fast, keep up, adapt. Nothing surprises geek. Faux geek marvels at each sunrise.

Pretend all you want. Say I'm a geek. Say I'm different. I know math. I own a calculator app. I know history. I've seen game of thrones of the oldie times. No lie, I work with someone who thought that was really England in the middle ages. Dumb as conditioning twice.

Morons speak the prayers. Pretend at nerd. Yesterday they wore flannel or bee-hive or changed radio channel to rap. The pretender needs to be flattered. Throw a switch to turn off and on geek label.

Geek is a curse. Look inside the freak tent. That's Renault. Sell product to those who want a selfie next to the miscreant. Unable to be the result.

No, sorry, you are not geek, lovely people. Most D&D players barely afford used cars. Sorry, if you are functioning in society (all so tired), holding a job where you expect promotion (all without merit), able to go out to eat without personal embarrassment (not to yourself but those around you), you are not a geek.

If you know you should bathe...If you stop playing games on a binge...If you do not obsess over minutia...you are not geek. If your only contribution to Bar Trivia is that you know who the vice president is, you are common pablum. You are the perfect market for a Renault sold as cartoon D&D. Fawn over Stranger Things. Think you were so persecuted as a child. Your life was so hard. You suffered so. Geek doesn't suffer. Geek survives.

Married young and then retired, as the song? Hardly geek. Woz was a geek. Jobs was not. Oppenheimer was geek. Einstein not. Look across the room. Is that cinder block basement walls you see. No. You are not a geek.

Why would you want to conflate yourself with such?

In the 1800's the idle rich, of no value, decided it was special to be savages. They pretended in parks and told themselves they were primitive. They slept a night in a teepee and danced naked. It was a fad. Being geek now is a fad. When it expires, the world returns to pretending to have the life in Corona commercials, obtained by credit card. That knock upon the door. The geek to install the widescreen. Harmless. Let him in.

Solve the problems of the world, geeks. Expect no love. You are Quasimodo ringing the bell summoning the flesh widgets to temple. Waiting to be stoned when they need the scapegoat.

Take out a loan and buy a car. Why not the overpriced D&D one. Not if you're a geek.


   ggordon (not liddy)

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