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Almost posted this myself a couple weeks ago...


Figured if I did someone would post a long rant about geek cred. I was write.

So, a different take. This ad isn't claiming geekdom, it's playing the nostalgia card. The German car company paid Hasbro and Disney (the cartoon was Marvel/Sunbow, now part of Disney's portfolio) a bunch of money to evoke imagery from a 1980's cartoon. This is no more or less annoying than any commercial licensing, whether it's a rock song, film clip or any other nostalgic material.

The casting and costumes of the party are spot on. The quality of the cinematography and VFX is on par with current big budget spectaculars. The makeup for Venger was well done. Only thing I didn't think was spot on was the mask for Dungeon Master, which was a little too smooth. It's kind of cute the party gets home in the German SUV. As an ad it's effective - the early battle scenes should grab attention, the presentation is clear enough so viewers unfamiliar with the homaged material can still follow the events. For those who remember that cartoon, c'mon, the look of everything was perfect! As a fanfilm it's fantastic!

Great ad. I approve. Reminds me a bit of when the USMC used to do abstract evocative ads with knights fighting dragons on chessboards and such before they devolved in macho "save the world" boredom.


   Mike, guy who nominally is TV industry

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