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Well, of course!


Comparing a luxury SUV to D&D is silly! I think that's part of the charm of the ad!

I don't recommend watching the cartoon. Maybe look up the opening credits on YouTube. Tells you all you'd need to know. It's an 80's cartoon, so it's episodic where everything resets at the end of the episode. Kids get sucked into a magic realm, get designated classes from "Dungeon Master," get one magic item each, then every episode is "Can we get home? Of course not, the show would be over. Ah, fuggit, here's the opening credits. 58 seconds of your day potentially wasted... Ok, loading and buffering - 70 seconds of your day potentially wasted!


It's a terrible show, and it's absolute nostalgia-wank to tie into a car ad, but I absolutely appreciate the care taken in the production. The look of the kids is captured perfectly, Tiamat looks fantastic, blah, yadda, all the stuff from my prior post.

I don't find the D&D/SUV ad any more stupid than, say, a Marvel Movie/Pizza Hut ad, or a Carl's Jr ad that's all about a scantily clad woman doing things with a burger that should be left to "Skinemax," or hordes of other ads.

Marketing is the art of grabbing the audience's attention and making them remember the product. The goal is not actually to make a positive association (some ads are created to be "shocking" or "offensive." If the audience remembers and comments on the ad, it's a win. If the audience remembers the PRODUCT, it's a super-win!

One could argue the "shocking" logic would be applied to, say, insulting "Cosplayers" in DriveThru RPG blurbs. It got attention. That's the goal of the blurb. Hell, "negative" attention is now pretty much the prime marketing rationale... Stupid articles like ">Blank< DESTROYS >blank< with ONE WORD." or "The 25 MOST SHOCKING >blanks< of all time!"

Negative attention is easy. When I wrote for OC Weekly there was an editorial bias towards snark which I had issue with. One review I wrote for a decent but flawed play with pacing issues ("No Exit" shouldn't be 90 mins) was re-written as a hate piece. Why? snark drives readers. On the intertubes, outrage and snark drive, well, everything!

I sometimes tease Laura with "What's more annoying, listen to me tear apart something I disliked or gush over something I loved?" Her response is pretty much, "Both are annoying, but, at least when you're panning something, you'll crack some good jokes."

To wax philosophic, I think it ties into the need for conflict in fiction, OR in gaming. There have been a few RPGs where the premise is all the happy people work together in happy ways to turn a uptopia into a mega-utopia. Those games do poorly, because, let's face it, it's a lot more fun to fight and overthrow evil! Spider-Man comic books focus on Spidey fighting the bad guy. You won't see a full three issue arc about Peter teaching his students (in comics Peter is now about 30 and teaches science at his old high school), because three issues of Peter helping a kid with his homework would be a yawnfest.

Conflict drives the world, my friends, even this minor discussion. The longer threads on this forum are those where we disagree, argue and rebut.

The D&D ad is a silly tie in, but it's also somewhat sweet: It's a tie back to a licensed property from a period where all animated shows were mandated to present "positive moral lessons," it's beautifully designed, well cast, and harkens back to the primary (TV show) material and secondary (game) material with an exciting action sequence that shows how exciting the show could be if made under current story standards guidelines. I cheerfully admit it pressed my "awwww" nostalgia button, and impressed me as a solid bit of filmmaking.

Will it be to everyone's taste? Nope. You don't have to like it. That said, I'm a person who tries to separate what I LIKE from what is QUALITY. There are things I don't like that are done well (random example, I can't stand any of Lady Ga-Ga's songs, but I must admit the woman can sing and can command attention, so I respect her), and thing I like that are poorly done (Say, a "Doctor Who" episode from the late 1980's). Stupid car ad? Sure! Lame nostalgia button? Absolutely! But, damn, they did it well!

Hell, I'll go watch it again after I submit this comment, cuz I watched earlier on my phone and I want to see if it still looks stunning on the 60" screen!.


   Mike, just finished cutting a marketing spot.

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