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Cancelled midway through the 3'rd season


The final episode was, in fact, about the kids finding the way home then deciding between returning to their normal lives or continuing to fight evil in a land that needed heroes.

But, they got cancelled early enough the episode was scrapped in storyboarding. One of the DVD sets had the final script performed (by the show cast) as an audio drama, but I've never heard it. Given the 1980's either all the kids decided to stay heroes of the realm, or they split party, and four stayed, two went home. No way in a time of "positive moral message" would all the kids just go home.

The toys... Action figures were never made of the protagonist party or prime Rival. The toys produced were single-episode guest heroes/villains. No clue how that got set up.

If there's more buzz, maybe someone's planning on a "gritty reboot" of the show? I mean I wouldn't watch it, but I would argue that "normal kids" get thrown into a "D&D" realm is still a better gimmick than that movie's terrible waste of Jeremy Irons! Better if the kids were actually gamers who discovered the world of the game was real. Ok, it's been done before, but there are worse tropes.

Let's also note it's a German ad. I'm not going to do the research here, but it's entirely possible that show had a later run in Germany, or, if it hung around in syndication for long enough. If the show ran to, say, 1995 in Germany, then the 5-10 years olds who were the primary audience are 29-34. Just at the upper edge of the "prime" 18-34 marketing demographic where one is considered sway-able, yet actually has some money to spend.

Old people can be swayed, too - they're the ones who have the negative ads targeted at them. Marketing for young kids is "OMG, this thing will make you COOL and your life WONDERFUL!" Marketing at ol' farts is "This thing will PROTECT YOU from the SCARY!" It's the middle-aged people who are just kinda there who get ignored.

And now I'm gonna walk away before I segue into marketing and politics and REALLY start arguments. I suspect most of you guys skew a bit to a lot more "conservative" than I and Laura.


   Mike, Trivia guy

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