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They added the bad guys after the fact ....


They were part of earlier scripts and when they changed to the new characters, they did not remake the figures. I'm sure the cost was a bit more than it is today. (We live in amazing times.)

So, they just added the characters to the scripts as they went and gave it some semblance of cohesion.

I didn't watch them either. It always sort of bugged me as the Dungeon Master being a character. That dude is a shapeless voice in the darkness. See Journey Quest.

Perhaps I'll fetch them out and give them a go. Can't be worst than the Game of Thrones ... too early for that?

They market to the consumer when it works ... or so goes the logic. I suppose I could be convinced to buy a proper bastard sword to protect me from the scary. Meet you in the Emergency room with the cleaved foot.


   Iron Conrad

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