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There were many like that in the old days too ...


But, they were in the minority.

I would almost consider it a challenge to have the players in a shop of sorts and attempt to solve a mystery and overcome and obstacle. (Did Sherlock do that in the bridal reception party on Sherlock!!!??)

Odd this arrow of Lich slaying seems to have a worn fletching almost as if it has been fired recently.

But, surely, there are no Liches in the Seven Kingdoms known to men?

What is this scrap of treasure and why does the imp implore me to view this strange Treatise?

Odd that time piece with the blood red sand flowing upward uncovering runes and markings at the bottom.

I do say, my good man, have any been here from the deserts of Thrax in the past week or so?

But, to just pick a special blend of Tea. Yikes!!!

If you see the old guys doing the demo's ... they get lazy and just have the players shoot each other with their cross bows and make them all lock up trying to be overly cautious with their sharp weapons.

The best reference for the game is the modules and such left behind by the creators. If EGG put three goblins, 4 sacks, 12 silver pieces, a pile of hay, and a chair in a room, it was meant to kill the goblins, pack the hay into the sacks and bust the chair into firewood. Leaving nothing behind. The silver bought lunch later.

And we would have laughed ourselves silly throwing flaming balls of hay on creatures in the next room.


   Iron Conrad

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