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Started with Modules


First and possibly only one I played was Hill Giant. Was cruising along and then forty? Was it forty? Hill Giants all appear in one dining room. Obviously meant for a party of magic users to doomkill (area spell). Impossible otherwise -- Anyone recall the true rules to run away? You just did it, right?

Lousy writing, lousy play. Random crawls were more fun, easier to make for an evenly matched opponent. Didn't have people buying the same material and peeking. Didn't have long introductions and backstories that would not match your party. Never offered the characters to the quest, only suggest the level range. TSR still clung to the idea that characters were portable. RPGA tried to even certify them. Is that still around?

You would nurse these MU character lightweights along past their weak-hit die phase only to have them demand your indentured slavery or die. Make a save for my sword in the heart never occurred in the mechanics. Make a save versus turned to stone at level seven?

A lesson there on Lord of the Flies nature of adolescence?

Saw also where Colville doesn't like Refs having a character in the game, not even an NPC traveling along, because it is too bias. He's selling love packaged as D&D. Each part of the soap opera has no influence in the next. Pretty prose is all you need.

Computer games took the players. More obvious now than ever. Look at games like Darkest Dungeon, Battle Brothers, good solo play Gygax systems. People are more willing to risk playing a computer game than a rpg. Probably less effort to do so. Never solved thta problem of adding complexity without stalling action?

Kinda popular, PC and Console stuff, as well. Someone is buying and playing turn based games; many on Steam. Would take several years to run any of the those games in tabletop. Look at my Outdoor Surival crawl and you can see where Battle Brothers has the same idea and you run twenty characters; in my forty minutes you'd have a pretty fine time and certainly more than four battles.

The computer has yet to be properly included in role-play as a helper. Record keeping add-ons probably mena you need less records. Random maps is not enough. Then print them on the table? Override of play suggested in first computer Vampire the Gathering game was what never materialized. Moderated computer games would be cool. Immersion of FPS and the ability of the Ref to be dropping the action and adding the quests, your own MMO. Yet, no market, I guess. Or no need. The people playing MMO are fine with what's set ahead of time. Those that don't are immaterial? Finding Refs someplace if desired? Forcing their kids to play with them? Hiring out for fifty an hour (as baby sitters).

Maybe the tabletop hobby deserves what's left of the living. Can't believe a younger audience is still there, except dads and kids. Pretty sterile play from that.

Next week expect to log-on, and I'll read chapters from my latest book. Tipping optional, applause expected. If you must roll your dice, do so quietly; don't crack your pdf and crease the spines. Their collectible.



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