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Play? No. Run? Twice.


Never played a module. Bought a few for ideas.

Once got suckered into playing a game with a group of brand-new, never played people and one experienced guy. No prep time so I dragged out good old B2-"The Keep on the Borderlands."

Game went a bit like this:

Players enter the Keep for their audience with the Lord. "Experienced" player (EP) pulls his longbow and shoots the Lord's advisor, the Cleric.

Me: Ok, what's that for?

EP: I've played this before and I know he's the main bad guy at the end.

Me: Ok. As far as the Lord knows you strangers just walked in and attacked his advisor for no good reason. There are 30 men-at-arms, roll initiative...

New guy 1: I put my hands up and surrender.

New guy 2: Me too!

New girl 1: Me too!

EP: Cowards! I grab another arrow.

Me: Ok, you're dead.

EP: What? That's not fair!

Me: 30 dudes just shot you with....Never mind, I'll roll.


Me: Ok, 9 hits, that's at least 9HP of damage, you're level 1, you're dead.

EP: But I have 13HP! (a suspicious 18 Con and perfect 10 on generation?)

*Rolls one die*

Me: First bolt does 6 points of damage, the other 8 mean you take at least 14.You're dead...


   Lord of The Flies Mike

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Way better than B2 -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 5/28/2019) 
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