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Got a little jammed up in the Pronouns


Mission Consequence Encounters

These are NPCs, servitors and events that happen because of the mission, motives and opposition. These also direct the phase to change or the scenario to enter the climax. Whenever during travel a mission consequence encounter is generated, the descriptions below are consulted.

The three These lost me a little though I know this is standard text.

The card flip is the actual thing that moves the mission along?

What is the difference between an NPC and Servitor for this sentence? None really.

Travel doesn't always mean travel either?

A card flip reveals the next encounter. Draw a card and resolve below:

I would put the Martyr Clarification in line. (Indent and insert the table.)

With the removal of the Major Arcana, you could summarize all the cards in a single list.

When you get to Ace through Nine, just detail the two options. (Well three if you want to deal with doubles and such.)

Ace: In Phase A, treat as "Ultimate Commencement", luck or fate moves the Mission forward; jump to Phase C. Resolve any inter-phase events if appropriate. If not in Phase A, resolve as (xx) Mission Inconsequence Encounter.

No need for a flow chart, jumping around or anticipating the phase, just flip the card, and go to the card to resolve.

This is the central bit of Mission Execution to be run through over and over again. It should be obvious to the Ref on first read.


   Iron Conrad

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Boy, you need a refresher on how this played -- red (posted: 6/1/2019) 
It's called Feedback ... no harm, no foul ... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 6/4/2019) 
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