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Martyr -- Seemed a Useful Distinction


As it appears Martyrs have become the new Major Arcana of sorts, it seemed like many of the items were "Immediate" or "One and Done" if you will. Do this thing now and forget it.

Others were On-Going. I noted this when making summaries. No reason to show whether an "Immediate" effect card had been displayed because it wasn't anything we needed to remember.

Also, the phrase "Knaves also advance the phase like Tens" is different than "Treat Knaves like Tens".

Since Tens may not advance the phase? If that were the case, would Knaves?

If a Knave advances the Phase, I would just state "Until the Deck Reshuffles, Knaves advance the Mission Phase."

If Knave is to be treated as Ten which is to be treated as a Queen ... for example, I would say "Until the Deck Reshuffles, treat Knaves as Tens."

And, the wording says "Also" not "Instead" ... so the Knave would still be "Agents of the Rival" and then "Advance the Phase" and "Remove One Inventive Bonus Tally". (Seems like those things need a name.) Did the order matter?

When would Inter-phase happen in that example?

Yea, yea, yea, Ref is the big boss man and can do as he wishes on such matters. Just trying to sequence it in my brain.

Also, for Martyr, it seems that you don't have an descriptive thing that happens to alter the sequence.

When I met the Rival's Agents, I met, Rival's Agents. When I had "Ultimate Commencement" we moved, things altered.

But, when Martyr card was played (and clarified) nothing really changed ... just the sense that something in the future was altered. Perhaps the card should be called "Future Portents" or "Cosmic Sign". We did not break the game wall.


   Iron Conrad

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