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I'd think Mao's Six Essays on Military Affairs would be a harder thing to crib game content from. Yet, I accept the challenge. 2021 release?

The Baronial Lifestyles is actually selling. I gave up on listing materials as "pay what you want." My eyes were opened to the actual cost of most gaming materials. Shock is an understatement.

Call me naive, but when I put up a $1 product, "pay what you want," I envisioned people routinely paying more, not just stiffing me. Tipping the buck and occasionally knowing a dollar is too little. Seeing the last thing and then maybe the next one paying a farthing more. I didn't figure that pay what you want (internet) meant take and steal. What is even more odd is the lads will take for free and still dump it in a Dropbox for the greater guild of thieves. Can we please redirect our drones to Eastern Europe?

Do wonder why someone paid one-cent? A time traveling Victorian Oliver of the Dicken's Era, "please sir, may I have more." If he can only cough up one cent, he doesn't have life enough to read the thing. If he was laughing as he did so, I weep for him and my lost innocence.

But, I'm not bitter. Just wiser and pricing my content at indentured servant wage. One day ironConrad will free me of my debt, and I can make one of those $120 complete with dice games. Sell one back to him.

That or I plan to make one game cost $25,000, most of it would be "This page left intentionally Blank." It will be a treatise on adapting the Precepts of Sun Tzu. Know your enemy is to know yourself. To not attack is to truly win. Oh crap, it's COSPLAY!



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Well, I've always had a fondness for the Intrigues of the Scarlet Pimpernel ... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 6/1/2019) 
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