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Boy, you need a refresher on how this played


I thought someone might comment that I changed the Four and Two. Added more Phase Advances.

What's up? Are you abandoning the whole concept? "If not in Phase A, resolve as (xx)"? Nope; that's not truly the case. The event then happens according to the last card played. Allows four suits and fourteen ranks to produce more content. Couldn't list them all as Ace-Ace, Ace-Two, Ace-Three, etc. Not easily. Are you thinking we should drop the comparison? Cause modern refs are simple minded?

I believe you suggested adding the flowchart in 1988. Times do change. Before it was all a paragraph of If-Then-Else statements.

There's more happening than binary Mission Consequence, Inconsequence. Same rank (rare), Campaign Event. Previous face card, Personal Event (best chance to check Ignobles in the game). Not those two, then compare ranks and suits for the Mission Inconsequence result. Plus how you do that needs explanation, whole settings.

Give the Ref some credit. He'll sort it out or watch the video, read the in-book examples. Or he'll find his own method, right?

That and the opening sentences have only two "These"? I think you may have had a stroke.

I believe it was you who defined that an NPC has a name. Servitors do not. We can call them Feat-Givers or Fate-Conjurers, simple and major.

Adding Martyr into the list means it won't fit on a single page. I scroll rather slow, even when I know the results. One to sixteen fit. Martyr go to the sub-box. This was hard?

"Just flip a card and go to the card to resolve"?

Are you thinking a single card generates a single event. No, spaceman spiff; that would be choose your own adventure. Fine type of play, but gets redundant and replay gets stunted. If that was the case, we'd just roll percentile dice and every year meet three void vampires.

"It should be obvious to the Ref on first read," sure. I don't think that should happen simply by cuttng content. Maybe simplicity won't ever be achieved. Maybe some things will take practice. Better than not having any method. Too may games still rely on "Now you're ready for endless sessions of fine gaming." Come on, really, this is what you want? Dumb down everything cause Jimmy at the gamestore gets confused.

Perhaps this alternative:

Roll D6
1-5 Do nothing, 6 Wandering Monster.

You can also code this abstract of card flips in a browser so even a Jimmy the Monkey-GM can hit a key to tell him what comes next. he can write down a series of results before he even starts to game. There in the really hard to understand text, he also have his smart player read and know what's happened. No one was being cheated.

You're starting to sound obsessive in your desire for a Grail Game. One page play, no one reads rules, make many small snippets as add-ons, make the hard roll, make the easy roll, make the do-stuff and make the think stuff. Sure, one page rpg.

We could always go back to playing house rules AD&D. I got novels to write if this is a waste of my time.



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It's called Feedback ... no harm, no foul ... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 6/4/2019) 
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