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Sorry, which is it? This is "a draft - give me a break" or "this is clear as mud, give the poor hapless Ref a break and let him figure a few things out"?

Just suggesting a look see at the way it's written ... same as it ever was.

And as noted ... this is the Fundamental bit of how the rest of the 800 pages works and perhaps the whole system, it is worthwhile to make the bit as clear as possible. (You might want to bring in the subservient monks and have them bang a little gold leaf into the first few letters.)

For those that have done it a few hundred times, no reading required. For those that are starting out, they might need a more direct approach. I just assumed it was the same three phase approach plus Maiden and Martyr.

To set the stage, we live in a world where "20 - Armor Class" is too complicated an idea.

The beauty of the cards is that you don't need a computer ... it just happens. The cards give it mystery and in the right circumstance, an almost predictable outcome ... as .... long ... as .... we ... don't ... draw ... the ..... aggggggggghhhh ... yea ... that.

I was just saying if the Cos Player is playing this thing and gets hit by three "These" in a row, they might struggle a bit.

Regarding obsession, is that not what the Grail is all about or did I read my Mallory wrong? I didn't suggest you make it a three dimensional trinket ala EPT that the true nature of the universe could be felt in the clutch of a hand as the object is spun and traced by the holder. (Though Amazon has a nifty carbon laser 3D printer that would do a pretty fine job on such an object. And, it comes with free 2 day shipping. Pssshhh, just a spare time thing.)

PS: You know I love a good flow chart. I think this one came with the original draft though. It is unfortunately, a lost art form.


   Iron Conrad

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