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I think you have to make the character to understand the combat ....


As best I could figure, you create the "Big Boots Mulligan" guy and he gives himself a special thingy which give him an extra shift when Big Booting someone. You have to create those special cases in consultation with your Ref.

Then, when you roll for combat, you roll your +/- dice and then you shift it (add +'s) for Big Boots when he uses his attack to damage the opponent.

Unless the Ref has made the enemy "No Boots Nelson" in which case he shifts it back the other way.

Then, you factor in Coriolis for rotating bodies translating on a common axis to determine the swirl and axial rotation. Right handed for systems moving positive clockwise and negative for left handed systems. The Z axis protrudes from the palm of you hand.

That and 12 carbon bonds and you're set.

Look I got a bunch of plus'eys and a few benny chips ... did I win?

It does have a great name though.


   Iron Conrad

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