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Fate's pretty simple.


Fate, as a system, is pretty damned simple.

THe basic actions are

Attack (does stress of the type correct for the type of attack used.)

Create temporary aspect

Compel an aspect (costs a fate)

Non-conflict skill rolls.

Running it as a numeric ladder: Everything PC scaled is rated -2 (unskilled) to +5.

GM sets difficulty: roll 4dF+Ability, to beat difficulty. If you need, you can invoke your Aspects (+2 each, at the cost of a fate) or tag the target or environment's aspects (+2 each, costs a fate point unless the aspect was created in scene).

Want to Aim? That's creating an Aim aspect on yourself. You get to tag it free one time. Goes away when the story makes sense for it to go away.

Conrad want to help Red hit Grox? Create an aspect using some relevant skill (Perform, melee, seduction, running...) and call it "Grox is distracted by Conrad" Red gets one use free...

Want to set the room on fire? Sure... hit +2 on cooking, survuival, or physics... room gains "On Fire"

Grox compels Conrad, "Conrad has to back up" and spends a fate. If Conrad agrees, he gets the fate point, but must act that way; if he doesn't, Conrad pays Grox a fate point and grox gets back his initial. If the compel is absurd ("Conrad dances naked in the fire to celebrate his success), Grox's player is simply going to fail... unless conrad agrees, in which case Conrad still gets the point.

Environmental effects can be defined as scene aspects... and their prohibitions get you a fate point when the GM compels using them as a reaction...

Stress done is simply the amount over the roll, minimum 1, possibly with extra from a weapon or tool. When stress limit is exceeded, you have to convert some stress to new aspects, called consequences. You can do this early, too.

Consequences cannot be invoked, and can be tagged for free... mild reduces stress by 2, goes away after the next scene; Moderate gets you 4 stress back, but lasts until next session ends. Severe gets 6, and ends after the next scenario.


   Aramis Erak

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