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fate point economy


maximum for a character to hold at one point is 10

end of scene refreshes to 10 - (number of stunts/powers known) each character, unless you have more.

In a typical conflict scene in Dresden Files, my white court neonate had a refresh of 4... but I went through a bunch of fate - usually 8+ - and kept creating 1 free-use temp aspects for the bruiser (a shifter) to beat the snot out of the bad guy with. How did I recover 4+ in scene? by offering perfectly reasonable but unpalatable compels, and by playing a vampire.

Note that aspects aren't invoked/tagged until after the roll, so you only spend when you need to.

Now, those unpalatable compels -
(1) create aspect "God, she's annoying"
(2) Next action, after she's tagged it (using the one-free-use), I compel on it to, "completely ignore everything else but the she-hulk."
(3) GM, having the desire to actually land a shot on my character, rejects the compel, paying me a fate point.
(4) spend turn feeding on the obsession to recover a fate point.
(5) back to #1 with a new variation.

If she hadn't needed the tag, I left it sit, and just added more temp aspects.

So, the number spent is entirely variable... the she-hulk spent an average of 2 per conflict scene. One of which came from me when I compelled her to enrage (which I usually got back by wording it as an obsession then feeding on).

Fate requires a level of metagaming that many OSR fans will find really obnoxious - because your special abilities are powered by fate points.

Given the usual post-fight refresh, most characters will use at least their refresh worth... unless they wind up not needing to.


   Aramis Erak

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