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a little more on stress and injury... and an erratum


Erratum: Fate Core is one refresh per session; Earlier games varied between scene and session. I've played Dresden, Spirit of the Century, and one other one, but only read Fate Core.

Each Fate Game uses 2 or more different stress tracks. The 2 standard are Physical and Mental.
Some add spiritual, some add financial (Diaspora), some add social.

For Fate Core based games:
track base is 2. CHaracters have 3 complication slots base, none linked to a specific track: 1 mild, 1 moderate, 1 severe.
If the related skill is 1-2, add one more box (so boxes 1-3), 3+ add 2 boxes (boxes 1-4), at 5+, also add a track specific mild consequence slot.

Damage is not how many boxes get marked off, but which box gets marked off; mark the next higher box if the needed one is filled (recursively).

If damage has to be marked off-track, you're required to take a suitable complication to reduce it to a box you can take, or go out of action AND take a consequence

EG: I'm playing a cop. I am arresting Joe, a known braindead thug...
Joe has Physique +5 and will +0
Mental: M1☐ M2☐
Physical: P1☐ P2☐ P3☐ P4☐
Mild physical:

I hit joe using my fists, doing 2 over, and he has no armor, so, joe takes 2 damage. He may either mark the P2 box, or he may take a mild consequence from being hit. he'll mark the P2.

Physical: P1☐ P2☒ P3☐ P4☐

My next hit, I do 1 point.
Joe marks the P1 box

Physical: P1☒ P2☒ P3☐ P4☐

my next hit, I get lucky, generating a +7 brawl, and his brawl total is +2... for 5 shifts. He can't take it (no one can), so, to avoid being knocked out, he MUST take a consequence. He opts for concussion (mild physical), reducing the damage to 3, and then marking P3

Physical: P1☒ P2☒ P3☒ P4☐
Mild Physical: Concussion

So now, when resisting his further attacks or when attacking him, I get to free tag his complication
I hit him again for 1 due to a bad roll.

He can't mark P1, as its' full, so checks P2, and P3, all full, so he either takes another minor, or he fills P4. He takes a second minor...

Physical: P1☒ P2☒ P3☒ P4☐
Physical: big black eye
Mild Physical: Concussion

Now, I can tag both (both would impair his fighting, and tagging is free for one consequence)... and so I get a good roll... an 8 margin. He needs to reduce it to a 4 or lower... he's got a 4 box, so he'll take a moderate consequence, broken arm, and mark the 4 box

Physical: P1☒ P2☒ P3☒ P4☒
Physical: big black eye
Mild Physical: Concussion

Next hit is either a lasting injury (several sessions) or taken out. Joe's not THAT desperate...

so when I hit him again, he's out...
once the scene is over, and I've cuffed and stuffed him, both Joe and I reset our stress, but he's got those complications... and I've got to explain to the LT why yet another collar has a concussion...


   Aramis Erak

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