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With sympathy and Welcome


Here you'll find flippant comments made by internet know-it-alls with no intended audience, or more importantly an audience of self.

Social interaction cures many ills. Would it help to say normal is overrated, though being shunned is tough regardless. I could be lucky to be more normal or normalized. I'm just a jackass. Plenty of those in society.

I'm a carnival barker dancing for pennies next to the circus tent with posters of freaks. Who is the intended audience for the show?

Ages ago, adventure gaming was criticized severely by the misconception it was anti-religion and the cause of insanity. A child disappeared, later found he just ran away from college, but occult influences were blamed.

That may not happen today. Yet I fear it could. Labeling gaming as insanity seems impulsive, written to get rich kids to hotel rehab.

Gaming is not socially acceptable; play is actually antisocial to all but those in the game. I don't see myself assimilating anytime. The current crop of celebrity gamers pretend they are normal, stylish, fun. They too are standing next to an even larger tent.

I hope you find solace. You seem like a man with compassion for his children.



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Besides that ... in the end, the Nerds, Freaks, Geeks, and Introverts .... won ... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 6/4/2019) 
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