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Besides that ... in the end, the Nerds, Freaks, Geeks, and Introverts .... won ...


We were too busy not noticing that the culture shifted and everyone wants to be ... us ....

From Hollywood to Silicon Valley, the nerds won. That phone in everyone's hand is nothing without the content that we generate. The computers dominate everything.

Our youthful betters would be ashamed of their need to check things on the web ... Fancy Book, Titter, and Snappy Snap. One nerd thing after another.

The cool people go out of their way to be ... us ... and we just do it because we can.

I'm not saying we thrived in all of that. Just the things we feared ... turned out to be false.

What did the book say? Don't worry about the Traits you don't have? Maximize the ones you do.

And, make your own dice tower sometime, it will make you chuckle.


   Iron Conrad

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