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Player Agency


Tried to look that term up and arrived at a legal debate on whether a demon can remove memories and whether the memory of a demonic deal can be removed.

My answer would be Wizardry Thought Control (P) is defeated by (A), (D), (J), (N) and (R). So is the victim Demigod (A), among others?

This is why I prefer a game with mechanics not concepts.

As suggested by the article I scanned, much occurred in the time between the gameplay sessions and involved favoritism by the Referee. The player losing his demon deal to memory loss argued to a higher court that his Player Agency was violated. To which the court ruled that NPCs may violate player agency, when it is not the DM doing so.

When did it take a law degree to play a game?

I don't find immersive activities in role-play as interesting as collective victory. I see characters firmly as game pieces. I am happily in the minority among game designers.



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