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Meh ... Two Full Time Cosplayers doing the circle thing ... Hard Pass


They both belong on the vaunted Saturday Night Live television broadcast.

Mercer's bits wear thin after a few passes and that was many videos ago. Oh, look the funny voice again. He should use it more judiciously. (There will never by another Jimmmy Walker -- Dyno-Mite!!!!!)

Colbert wears thin much faster. He pegged my blech-meter a few seconds in on his career. He should go back to whatever he does during the day. (I'm of the camp that I want my comedy to be ... you know ... funny instead of hipster ironic. Just me. Your mileage may vary.)

Still, these are talented fellows. I'm betting the producers (the dudes handing them lines off stage) probably didn't know what to do with the game. It being Mercer, I'm sure the dice were meaningless. Roll Perception ... a 2 ... well ... you see the critical plot point. Why again did I roll?

Are there any other skills on the multi-page character sheet OTHER than Perception? Yet, I digress.

More funny voices. Yay!!! Dyno-Mite!!!!


   Iron Conrad

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