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Ecclesiastics and Era Ten


For the uninformed, Era One ends with the launch of seed ships to the stars. Before those ships arrive at their destination, generations will live and die. The descendants reach paradise, a place not earth.

By Era Two, the seed ships reach the goal systems, there to find other ships that used the artifact, the worm hole machine discovered by Jack Foster, to shortcut time-space.

The ecclesiastics find exactly what they left, mankind. War ensues.

No, it doesn't take fifty-K years with the Phillips Pod generating forever thrust. All these rocket estimates are based on the finite burn rate and depletion of currently understood chemical fuels. Try something other than hypergols and your calculations change. Antimatter right now is expensive to make and collect, but not impossible. Ride Solar Wind? There's not much in space, but there is enough to collect and eject as ramjet expellant. It will be a very big ship engine in today's terms that does make the voyage without the shortcut of neo magical-physics, something not yet designed nor understood right now.

One lightyear? Is that so hard to cross? Shielding is more a concern; humans may have to let robots be the long distant voyager.



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