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To Reminisce


Wish Vin would show the play, not regale us with how it felt. His enthusiasm is genuine. Yet is he Cosplay or Wargame (for want of other terms).

One could describe what it was like to see a baseball game or make a first hit as a kid. To actually show the sport is where people can say, that was cool or that was slow.

Google War Colbert vs Diesel. Yes, Vin Diesel if more popular on the internet. He's an interesting person. But if Colbert says parents "do not be concerned if your son is reading fantasy," that has greater impact.



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Would be nice without the Fru Fru -- Iron Conrad (posted: 6/8/2019) 
1980s -- red (posted: 6/9/2019) 
HA ... was just spit balling .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 6/9/2019) 
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