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Would be nice without the Fru Fru


Sadly, it's too rich a ground for mocking I suppose.

Perhaps like Top Gear, bring on guests (some celebrity and some not) and run them through a little RPG gaming. Wheaton seemed to be the closest if not too deep.

The first few passes on Critical Rolx weren't terrible but Mercer's schtick wore a little thin. Seems like he could grow if he would focus on the gaming rather than the fru fru. (By Fru Fru, I mean the in game distractions.)

Perhaps, it's not the performers so much as a task master Producer driving the action.

The maps and such are nice though they don't have to go overboard.

Perhaps, they could grab 5 or 6 groups and do a Game of Thrones like story with multiple threads going at once. To the North, a mystery in ancient burial grounds. To the South, a tome is brought forth from the Dark Labyrinth. A skirmish in the East threatens the last of the Elven Princes.

The viewer could see it all and perhaps see the bigger threads unfold. The audience wouldn't need to see every roll or interaction. Just enough.

A gamer can dream perhaps.

PS: Uh, yea ... about that checking with a minor Show Biz celeb if my child should .. uh .... read ... I'm not convinced by that suggestion. Being Pro-LOTR in a world of billion dollar LOTR movies is not particularly bold. How about some love for Dune or Doc Smith's Lensman? How deep do you have to dig to get to Bradbury or Asimov? There's a thousand writers looking for a few minutes on television ... but ... here's the addled bimbo of the week instead.


   Iron Conrad

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1980s -- red (posted: 6/9/2019) 
HA ... was just spit balling .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 6/9/2019) 
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