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How to Survive without a Hit -- from a Contrarian


I'm having a hard time cheering for a guy who made his bones on Candy Crush Clones and Solitaire variants. Was that his bold vision? I saw his first love was a Kung Fu game. Did he sell out?

And, his advice, take money from ludicrous grants from your government and live like a bum ... even ... AFTER ... you've been given a great skill and trained to use it by the very society you now contribute close to nothing. And, I suspect his fees in the conference was a kick-back for his participation. Now, he sells his experience to the next set of rubes.

The other choice was ... get a job man ... you've been trained ... you got the look. Earn a pay check and get a few skills. In the 14 years he lived off credit cards and others, he could have banked a tidy sum to pay for his wife and child.

Get a hair cut and learn how people work. Yea, it sucks to be part of the machine. If 240 hours to code your game is real (and I believe it is), he could have knocked that out in 15 week-ends. Your hair will grow back.

Learn a few skills and see how people other than fellow nerds communicate, act, participate.

"Choose contract jobs for things you like to do." Great advice if someone else is paying the bills.

I don't say that as a old dude screaming get off my lawn. I'm recommending it as a way to actually become a better designer / developer. He could have eliminated a lot of bad choices from the experiences he gained doing non-nerd work. And, should he strike it big, he'll actually have access to people who can manage his success.

I look forward to his Kung Fu Match 3 game ... they are actually pretty addicting ... but there sure are a lot of them.


   Iron Conrad

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