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Are the books good?


I've known a few people that read the books but couldn't get a good review ... the HBO thing sort of sucks up all the oxygen.

I lost serious interesting in GoT somewhere around mid-season 1. I haven't seen the final season and am immune to spoilers. However, it sounded like the fans were underwhelmed.

There were bits that were amusing. Most were just the start of scenes. A boat in the harbor of a bustling city. When the characters started to talk, it lost the magic. The Red wedding was silly. The Hound seeking peace ... interesting. The faceless girl as assassin. Not bad.

So, the creation is influenced much by the HBO team.

It will be the same with a game.

I wish him success. (While the GoT wasn't particularly special to me, it's better than the dreck from most television programs.)


   Iron Conrad

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