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This came up next on my list



Magic: The Gathering: Twenty Years, Twenty Lessons Learned

(1) Make a game that addicts players like crack. Fun Optional.
(2) Convince them they aren't addicts.
(3) Sell them whatever they want.
(4) Find the people with disposable income with low self control.
(5) Make them feel good about it.

His list was slightly different.

But, in the end, it was all about make the players feel things. Mostly just feel things. Good Advice.

I would love to see them make a different game and see if they can capture that same magic with the gobbledygook they preach. (They would be fools to change their business model until they need to.)

I have played a few of Richard Garfield's games since then and they are solid. Non-Gamers weren't interested but they had a nice design. (King of Tokyo and Treasure Hunter come to mind.)

But, none are MTG. King of Tokyo was pretty big but it has waned a bit.

The trick of course is step 1.


   Iron Conrad

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