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GoT Season Four or Season two Wire


Start with end of season Three, Red Wedding. Then watch all of season four. Mountain vs Snake is truly divine. Do not worry if you do not know who's who. If you can watch those twelve hours you saw the best.

Else, look online and cherry pick the wars. Battle at wall and first clash with undead are both fine half-movies. Later season teasers of what might have been.

Most fans of the adaptation object to the build-up without pay-off or really satisfying resolution. GoT was just LOST. At least Ned Stark (season one) died for his honor.

The adaptation for me was all about Arya's path. Her last season was also dreadful. I will imagine something else.



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I saw it ... nice eye candy -- Iron Conrad (posted: 6/11/2019) 
Can't Answer, except -- red (posted: 6/12/2019) 
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