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Am not an avid reader.

Spent several months bantering with a guy I worked with who was. We talked about differences between Martin and HBO.

The novels are thick, many chapters in different character perspectives. If you like the character you like the chapter. If you want the story to unfold it's slow, think Jordon. My wife hated that time sink, yet read every novel.

I think the Hobbit was a better tale than LotR. Farmer Giles too. LotR was inspiring in a novel and a half of six books. Ring ending good. Getting there less so. Riders of Rohan good. Minas Tireth and the hobbits alone or scouring of Shire, not so much. Raise dead army, stupid Deus Machina. Couldn't Sauron promise the same thing and would have done so?

Jackson did good job on adaptations, except for Hobbit. I liked Galadriel in every one of her scenes. She should have received the ring.



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