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I saw it ... nice eye candy


... didn't stick with me.

Snake and Mountain was amusing but the end was just like every other fight. The victor took their eye off the prize for something something and are dashed at the end.

The fight where Jon Snow was overwhelmed by the bodies and had to claw out from the ocean of bodies. Nice visual.

The only sane response is to move to the most remote place on the planet and ignore the crazies (which is to say all of them). Let them kill each other. Trust me, they will. And, everyone around them. (Don't stand next to a crazy man while he throws rocks at the bigger force.)

The Lannisters were all in-bred sociopaths. Don't put them in charge. If you do, get out of the way and let the dragon lady smash her forces on them. All the talking proved useless (... refer to "in-bred sociopath" for why such a thing might happen.)

As noted, lots of great set-up to be destroyed by the movement of the story.

I delight that the show was successful. Send them more money so that others will be created. Perhaps the next will be better. It will keep HBO in subscribers for a while.

Watched the Wire too ... Everyone half does their job, demands corruption, and wonders why they get it in the end. D'uh. No heroes in the lot. Plow it all under and start again. Better yet. Plow it all under. Destroy the Plow. Add Salt. Full stop.

Lots of interesting actors, many who went on to other things. But, all too thin for me.

The season on the docks was particularly ham handed. They find the tape of the crime being performed in one of the final episode of the season and roll everyone up. In episode 2, the noble detective missed the tape in the cabinet that they were LEANING ON. It was hard to find because the sign on it had it labeled "Important Murder Tape Cabinat". Perhaps Cabinat was misspelled and threw them off. Perhaps it was an ironic statement, on the useless of it all.

Omar was fun. He was a well of street wisdom, and hard to not watch. But, he died bad. That was the spin off to create.


The original question was ... are the books any good? Sometimes they are superior in understanding the author's vision. The HBO Producers obviously had to take liberties.

Was Circe and Jamie so ... destructive? Was the Dragon Lady so strange? Why again did you store so much blow up stuff under YOUR city? Was there a more fragile material that the wall could have been composed of? Was Dirt not available? How did the Dothraki survive so long as dumb as they clearly were?

Asking for a friend.

Sorry, got to go Beast Master is on.


   Iron Conrad

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