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I get the Roll 20 and Fantasy Grounds Flyers


Lots of new tools to show how much light you have in the dungeon hallway. You can move 3.5 Klectons ... not a farklmoot more.

Lots of buying digital copies of games embedded in the tool. Peeps got to make their dough. No criticism there.

Lots of great tools out there.

Didn't Google Hang Outs go away? Or, is going away?

They haven't embedded the map makers into the VTT's yet. There's a natural progression there.

Still no Tarot Cards that I've seen. No Q&D integration.

No solo play embedded in the tool or support stuff (like a website). (Not sure if that is productive but it would be interesting.)

No tools to make the Ref's job easier. (Lots of things to make it more difficult.)

I might have to install Discord. Lots of love for that tool.


   Iron Conrad

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