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Sansa Stark, the girl who got her wish to become a princess was smarter in novels. Knowing lords and households would be important in throne politics. Adaptation made her weak and win the consolation prize.

The second the adapters ran out of source material the show truly had no content. Dragon girl in far away lands is not books. Hoped in season five, season six, season seven, for any resolution; no true stunning deaths after four. Then season eight came with over and done making a waste of four years viewing. Even eye candy died off too when actors demanded body doubles and less skin. Emmys makes one serious. Cersi actress made a million dollars to stand and sip wine.

The wife summed it up best for me -- Whenever anyone has two choices, they choose the worst. book and adaptaion. At least in book they were fourteen. the chocei is made not by bad luck, not by misinformation or shoddy logic, just because it is the theme. 1000 page books by a TV writer? Ambrose Bierce is better fun.

Prediction: Martin will be dead before he finishes anything. This adaptation will be the canon. Expect remake in ten years. Expect a prequel or sequel sooner. Battle of Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark for iron thrown against Mad King is where they should start. But that's unlikely, since Martin is now gunshy and fat from royalties.

Maybe Harry Potter as seven ten-hour seasons will be better. May take bankruptcy of Warner Brothers for that to happen.



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