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WoW is a timesink of course


If you have or do play WoW, ignore the warning below.

Otherwise, don't play WOW.

Perhaps play the free WoW up to level twenty. You'll see the whole game at your pace.

WoW is a form of work!

If you aren't ready to commit five+ if not 20+ hours a week, you should not play an MMO (like WoW). Lots of fine PC games to solo or console games to run at you own pace.

MMO for the community, I guess? Not truly me. We tried that in Asheron's Call and never could get the local ref group on at same time. One guy runs off in level. But people do make chat buddies or meet like-minded friendly power gamers online in WoW. Virtual community and guilds are not bad as social INCEPTION.

Secondary farming market to sell gold once was valued better than Mexican peso, dollars to currency. But third world grind labor will beat you there every time. $10 for hundred gold, best bet. Could take you less than an hour to farm-loot that after your play a solid year. But $10/hr is not great. Put the grandkid doing it? Okay kids time to play WoW. Could count as a Charter School. Yet the connection fees outside of Korea (free) eat up the profits. The kids won't grind like the PhD CS guys in Bangladesh. The kids wander around and lower the return on investment. Bots? Blizzard detected those and bans MAC address of routers pretty reliably.



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timesink - i'll pass -- g gordon (not Liddy) (posted: 6/12/2019) 
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