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WoW to me (red)


So I will play WoW and make vids. I'm hunting for crossover promotion. May happen, may not.

WoW had once thirty million paid subscribers. Amazing. Some of these people did play rpgs tabletop before, during or after WoW. I'm just trying to reach some of them. Don't see many as Colville types. These are character as playing piece, my kind of gamers. Just takes on Leeroy Jenkins moment.

WoW vid content is an easy thing to make. Play and start record. Easy thing to post. It may add curiosity for the other free-style content. Little to gain, nothing to lose, my Strawberry Alarm Clock Mantra.

I will not spam in the game or recruit in the game or be annoying. Not me.

I will have fun; I have the time. I'm curious if the play will be as I recall or not. You can't go home anymore is what wiser folk tell me? But again, it's not labor.

From what I see online, there are not as many posts from people who aren't PvP kings or know-it-alls (telling people "you're playing wrong"). The way I played WoW 2004 is certainly valid, had some great moments (to me); we'll see if it has any casual interest.

First guy I played never entered an instance in a party. he never used the auction house. I just didn't know I had too. The game was passing so fast, compared to the gaggle of MMO I had played, I figured I was doing well. I know better. I'll have AH slave. I may even farm low level instances for gear and money.

Other activities may cause me to play WoW too little and then it's not worth it. The economy goes to crap in about four months of a new server opening as Raid groups staring farming resources. Then you need to support that force to afford basic gear at auction house. Herbs become expensive, trade herbs for Green gear. Fadeleaf can jump to a Gold a leaf as Rogues go wild in PvP.

Also means more bored gankers are roaming in PvP after four months. Guys appear that have buddies who can help them speed run to a high level and then they hang out to grief. Barrens even is a no PvP region, yet is still overrun, all the quest givers are slain. Thunderbluff is first king to get routinely killed. Organized Alliance can enter Undercity and Orgrimmar. It gets very ugly at peak time after school or after work. Yet Horde top guild almost always kills Onyxia first (dragon).

August approaches.



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