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Gygax system of xps and combat?


Took out the things, the underworld map and outdoors survival method of travel, which suggested you might vary play or have advancement goals (castles).

Sad that many gamers view D&D as a series of bucket list actions to kill every type of monster. The repetitive prizes and mobs become the guts of the game. Just a series of boxes with larger traps and higher saves, more impressive +3 magical trinkets. When you tire of the D20 rolls, you then add what? Deck of Many Things (Slot Machine). Else make a whole campaign of goblins with you trying to find the six true gold pieces in your county. Still tiresome? Also, xp = gold stunted.

From what I gather, that's when the goofballs start to role-play w/ Cosplay. "My guy is a half hobbit-elf and loves pie."

Enjoy your nostalgia. Enjoy the pie.



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Think it was an art thing ... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 6/30/2019) 
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